Outsourced Bookkeeping
For a set monthly fee, S&H keeps your books current and your income and expenditures recorded accurately and categorized properly.

Your payroll, tax deposits, and other payments are handled correctly, and you are ready when tax time arrives.  S&H offers free tax filing for our year-round bookkeeping clients. Ask us how you can qualify!

Financial Statement Preparation
S&H can prepare a full range of financial statements to help you monitor the fiscal strength of your business, leverage your equity, and plan for future growth.



Tax laws change every year. Keeping up with the changes and how they apply to your business or to you individually is critical to ensure you pay the required amount of tax.

At S&H, we know the tax laws and we'll help ensure that you pay only the taxes you owe.

- Personal Tax Returns (1040)
- Business Tax Returns, including:
   Partnerships (1065), S-Corporations(1120S), & Corporations (1120)




With a compliation or review, S&H provides a report comprised of financial statements, including a balance sheet, statement of operations, cash flows and footnotes.

A compilation is completed based solely on information provided by the company.

A review is more complex and involves examining the company's finances and bookkeeping practices, to make sure that the books are GAAP compliant.

S&H provides a range of assurance services including:

- Compilation services
- Review Services
- Personal Financial Statements and Prescribed Forms



If you are planning to sell or gift your business interest, purchase a business interest, or use your business Interest to obtain financing, you will need a valuation to determine the worth of the business.

The value of a business is not a number listed on the balance sheet, but is made up of many intangible aspects. The length of time a business has been open, a person's ownership percentage, intangible assets and many other items all have an effect on the true market value of a business.

At S&H, we can perform a professional valuation and determine the true market value of your business.

Sale of business
Estate tax
Gifting of business 

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